Ozark Pudding recipe (bread pudding-inspired apple and pecan cake)


I don’t remember exactly how I came to discover Ozark Pudding, but our lives are forever changed because of it! It’s interesting to me how there are so many different ways to make this delectable southern dish and truth be told, they are all good.

The recipe we settled on for our first time was from Deep South Dish and it was fantastic! The crust rose perfectly to the top with the soft portion underneath being like an apple pecan pie consistency. We also tried the same ingredients in a bread pan and it was a little bit thicker.

Then, we decided to start experimenting. We tried different pans, different sweeteners, different methods of slicing the apples, more flour, less flour, you name it. We even talked about trying pear instead of apple but never got around to it.

What we came up with is more like a custardy bread pudding and it’s delicious! Continue Reading →

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Reunions, kiddos, and fun in Wichita

A while back, we made it to Wichita for a short but great trip. The timing was designed around my high school reunion, but my sister-in-law also came with the nieces and nephew! I loved my reunion, but time with the littles and the rest of the family was the highlight of our trip.  Continue Reading →

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Realizing a niche and finding independence at WordCamp Kansas City



It’s interesting when we go into a situation expecting one thing and coming out of it with something completely different, isn’t it?

Nearly a month ago, I attended WordCamp Kansas City where I also served as a speaker and volunteered in the community support lounge. WordCamps are weekend events held all over the world that bring together people who use WordPress, which is a content management system that drives websites and blogs. I’m also on the WordCamp Fayetteville planning committee.

I expected to attend WordCamp and see lots of friends and learn more about WordPress. Both happened, but it’s not what I remember most about the trip. It turns out, this trip was more of an emotional experience and confidence builder for me, which is something I sorely needed whether I realized it or not.  Continue Reading →

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Slow Cooker Korean Tri-Tip BBQ with Simply Lemonade® and KC Masterpiece® BBQ Sauce Mix & Dry Rub

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We are big fans of many kinds of barbecue, and our favorite brand continues to be KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce. We also enjoy dry rubs, so you can’t even imagine how excited I was to learn that there is now a KC Masterpiece® BBQ Sauce Mix & Dry Rub. We decided to try the Original flavor rub (it also comes in Honey BBQ and Habanero BBQ) to make our own version of a Korean BBQ in the slow cooker using our favorite cut of beef, tri-tip. The tri-tip is a cut of beef from the bottom sirloin subprimal cut. It is a small triangular muscle.

By the way, you can find the produce, meat, most of the spices, KC Masterpiece dry rub and Simply Lemonade® at Sam’s Club. Such a great place to get larger quantities of stuff for entertaining or simply making lots of great food for two! Continue Reading →

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Finding your calling in a time of darkness

Finding your calling


In many ways, the past 6-7 years have been the best of my life and I have my husband and God to thank for that. It’s also been a time where I’ve faced my most difficult challenges. From a public layoff and an ensuing identity crisis, followed by years of growing health problems, life has certainly had some dark moments.

Through it all, God has taught me a lot. A lot about myself, about others, and most of all about Himself. Continue Reading →

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Feeling included (not just accommodated) and new mini-series everyone should watch Memorial Day weekend (my follow up to BFF)



Do you know what it feels like to feel included and not just accommodated or tolerated? I do. But I also know what the opposite feels like. Usually, it’s the latter.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a sponsored post about the Bentonville Film Festival and one of its sponsors. A few days later, I had the opportunity to “cover” the BFF for the organization’s social media team and was able to attend even more sessions. I’ve been meaning to come back and write my thoughts and this weekend seemed perfect because what I want to highlight is a four-night series that starts Memorial Day (May 30) on the History Channel.



Cast member Erica Tazel (center…places Matilda) and the executive producer Mark Wolper join moderator Gil Robertson, president of the African American Film Critics Association after a screening of the mini-series Roots.


The original movie Roots came out in the 70s and new adaptation is coming to the History Channel in a four-night mini-series starting 8 p.m. central time on May 30. This is from the same book by Alex Haley, but is actually four independent segments that piece together the same family’s story. Each episode focuses on a specific character over the family’s history and what’s even more cool is, each episode has a different director. We saw the third episode at a screening during the film festival and I was enthralled.  Continue Reading →

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Living life unedited-an interview with Nancy Grace



I recently had the honor of being interviewed but a local blogger who has become a good friend. Nancy Kay Grace is an author, speaker and an online radio show host.

She recently interviewed me about my favorite aspect of God and how that affects how I deal with living with chronic illness and a disability.

I hope you’ll take about 30 minutes to listen! You can find the interview here.

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Celebrating diversity in media with EcoScraps® and Scotts® at the #BFFFestival

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When most people think of the word “film festival,” I bet they don’t usually think of my chosen home of Arkansas. That was true, but Bentonville is rapidly becoming known for the Bentonville Film Festival. This is the second year for the BFF (yes, that’s what we all call it!) and my first year to have the opportunity to attend.

This film festival has a little bit for everyone and I love how it’s not just for industry insiders. They welcome the community to participate; in fact, they encourage it. It runs through Sunday (May 8) so I hope you take time to check it out! Don’t just stop at the panel discussions or all the great movies. Check out the Sponsor Village where you can find great interactive displays from sponsors like EcoScraps® and Scotts®



The focus of the BFF is very clear. It’s championing women and diverse voices in media. Although women make up 51 percent of the population and we live in a world that is incredibly diverse, you just don’t see that represented in media, including the entertainment industry. I might be thinking, “I see women and people of color all the time in movies?” Yes, but not to the point that they amount and quality of roles reflects their representation in society.

The messages were positive and encouraging, and the energy was in high gear. I loved seeing celebrities, film makers, sponsors and the local community (that in my mind represent the consumer) all come together to celebrate the idea that we need a more accurate and diverse representation in media. And, everyone had a grand fun time doing it! The panels I attended were all informative but also entertaining. I haven’t seen any movies yet, but plan to remedy that this weekend. There were also many opportunities to take pictures with celebrities or even with cool displays like the Scotts® Step and Repeat Wall, which was outside the beautiful 21C Hotel just off the Bentonville Square. Continue Reading →

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Roasted Red Pepper #HummusMadeEasy Falafel (recipe)

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Have you ever heard of falafel? I hadn’t until a certain ’90s movie with Freddie Prinze Jr. came out and even then, I didn’t really get what falafel was. Fast forward about 10 years and I finally got a chance to try this fried delectable treat made with chickpeas or fava beans. I’m incredibly excited to offer my first original falafel recipe using the #HummusMadeEasy product from Bush’s Beans. I thought making Middle Eastern food would be hard but with this product, it was crazy easy and even more delicious.

I’ve tried various forms including the traditional balls (they look like hushpuppies) and patties that were a vegetarian option in a sandwich I purchased. When I started thinking of ways to use the Hummus Made Easy product, I at first thought I would use the hummus as a dip for falafel or perhaps homemade chips. I then figured out that falafel is made of most of the same ingredients as hummus; it’s just in a different form! Oooohhhhh, this was going to be good. Continue Reading →

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The whirlwind that is GiveCamp NWA


About 50 people gathered recently during GiveCamp NWA to fix or create websites for local nonprofits.

It usually takes a few weeks to produce an entire website from scratch but at GiveCamp NWA, we do it in a weekend. GiveCamp is one of my favorite activities each year and I am already looking forward to next year.

So what is GiveCamp NWA? It’s a weekend where technology professionals from the region gather to create, fix or somehow alter websites for nonprofit organizations. The organizations have to apply and get approved then they are assigned to a team.

GiveCamp Logo

Last year, the team I was on created an entire website for an animal rescue called Rosco P. Coaltrain’s Community Outreach. This year, my team was assigned to work with the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter. The first year, I was just a writer and this year, I worked as a project manager.

As you can imagine, the shelter already had a website but it was in drastic need of updates both behind the scenes and the way it worked for the average user. We made many updates, gave them a whole new look with better function, and made many other changes. They had several needs that we were not able to fulfill in a weekend, but were able to refer them to someone who can.

Here is a post from the GIveCamp Facebook page that shares a photo of our team working

I really enjoyed this experience and think it’s great that the NWA technology community is willing to give like this to such great organizations.

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