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My friend Laurie over at See Laurie Write started a new weekly writing prompt and this is my second time to join her! I try to join in the various writing prompts like what Laurie does or Five Minute Friday when I want to write for my blog and the prompt inspires me.

This week’s prompt is “In the Kitchen” and I instantly knew what I wanted to talk about.  Continue Reading →

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For the love of pumpkins

Pumpkin hero


Isn’t that pumpkin cute? I don’t like scary or gross designs in pumpkins. I like the cute, friendly jack o’lanterns. The one about was at my doctor’s office and as you can see, it lights up inside.

A friend of mine Laurie from See Laurie Write has started a new weekly link-up with a writing prompt and this week it was pumpkins. I love me some pumpkin!

I love pumpkins as decoration, like above. I usually don’t decorate with real pumpkins because they rot. I have some cute plastic pumpkins that I need to get out on my front porch pronto! The butterflies and ladybugs from summer are starting to look a little weird.

I also like weird “pumpkins”  that are real.

OK, OK. This isn't a pumpkin. It's a Turkish Turban Squash. But it looks cool doesn't it?

OK, OK. This isn’t a pumpkin. It’s a Turkish Turban Squash. But it looks cool doesn’t it?


Pumpkin as food

I used to say that I love pumpkin flavored food items but I’m finding that’s not exactly right. I love sweet pumpkin stuff and it has to have the spices in it. I’ve had pumpkin soup and pumpkin puree on a harvest sandwich and thought both were disgusting. As in like slimy goopy disgusting. For John’s birthday, he wanted Pumpkin Better Than Sex Cake and I thought it would be awesome! Not only did it make me sick because of all the sugar and dairy in it, I thought it was only so-so tasting. Just not “right.”

So isn’t it kinda funny that it’s now a tradition with my husband and I that for my birthday I always want a pumpkin item? He’s made me pumpkin cake, bought me a pumpkin roll and we’ve had pumpkin creme brulee (that was actually nothing special).

Do you love pumpkins? Do you carve them or use them whole as decoration? What’s your favorite pumpkin dish?

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Creating a community without need: A Harvest Party

I won a free ticket to the Cobblestone Project’s first Harvest Party and decided to blog on it on my own. All opinions and pictures are my own.

DSCN1443     A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to see Cobblestone Project at the Arkansas Women Bloggers University conference. I’ve loved this organization since they began in 2008 with just a few Northwest Arkansas families wanting to make a difference in the community. It’s faith-based, as it’s people putting their faith in action. But one of the things I love about Cobblestone is that it doesn’t “Bible thump” people. The various initiatives are designed simply to reduce need in our community and restore dignity and hope. At the #AWBU conference, Cobblestone offered a free ticket to a local blogger who won the drawing and that was me! I was thrilled and honored to attend the event.  Continue Reading →

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#IAmProtective … an essay from a gentle warrior

New CB Disclosure 600px wideShop_Protective_Selfie_Hero

One look at me and you might not think I’m much of a warrior. After all, I’m a lady in a wheelchair and like the picture above, I tend to be fairly calm and even-keeled (well, except when I’m not!). When it comes to my relationships and the people in those relationships, I become a warrior. I’m protective and fiercely so. Thanks to #CollectiveBias, I’m able to participate in the #IAmProtective Campaign to talk about what I’m most protective of and how I protect them. How do you protect your loved ones? Tell Protective, a life insurance corporation, what you’re protective of! They have a great site (see the link) where you can share your story.  Continue Reading →

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When we chose to adopt a dog (twice!) it helped complete our family

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Anyone following me on Instagram (or any social media platform for that matter) knows that I love my animals. John and I have four fur kids: two dogs and two cats. All were rescues-the cats were dumped and we adopted the dogs from a local shelter. We cherish the time with our pets and are so grateful to those who make it so easy to adopt a dog. I was so excited to learn of the opportunity through #CollectiveBias to talk about my dogs and how, through the #PedigreeGives program, we can all make a difference in the lives of shelter dogs during October with the donation of Pedigree dog food. Continue Reading →

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Decisions made, new nuggets learned and friends revisited at #AWBU

A couple weekends ago, I had the opportunity to attend Arkansas Women Bloggers University…the annual conference for Arkansas Women Bloggers. This year was a bit different in several ways in that it was at a hotel (instead of a campground type place) and we had a few guys join us! James, Ryan and Peter fit in just fine with the about a 100 women who were in attendance.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to writing about this conference considering it was entirely about blogging! The three days were packed with fun, learning and friends. I won’t bore you with all my notes but if you do want to learn about a specific session, you can find them soon at the Arkansas Women Bloggers website. The pre-session descriptions are there now and those of us who spoke were asked to write summaries of our sessions and those will be posted on the ARWB blog soon. Oh, by the way: I was part of three-person panel who spoke about breaking into freelancing/self-employment as a writer. It was fun!

Before I go on, here’s a thank you to all our sponsors! The content and swag they helped provide was top notch. Seriously, I came home with four bags of swag which is more than any other conference I’ve attended. And it was all good stuff!

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Fitness in #NWARK and setting overall health goals with #BalanceRewards at Walgreens

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The trails at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art provides a unique and exquisite opportunity in Northwest Arkansas for fitness including biking, walking, and running. Leashed dogs are welcome.


In recent weeks I’ve talked a lot about various wellness concepts including taking healthy breaks from work to rejuvenate during the day, and staying hydrated. Today I want to talk about a way you can track your health goals using the Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy choices program. Fortunately, between fitness opportunities in Northwest Arkansas and the health monitoring devices available at places like Walgreens, it’s easier to meet wellness goals. (Want to learn more about fitness in other areas? Follow the hashtag #BalanceRewards and #CollectiveBias to find messages from my fellow bloggers in other regions.) Continue Reading →

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How getting my seasonal flu shot helped a child through ‘Get a Shot. Give a Shot’ at Walgreens

New CB Disclosure 600px wide Shop_Walgreens_Give_Shot_Hero_Bandaids   I don’t remember the first time I got a flu shot but I bet it was in college, maybe high school. At the time, I just thought “it’s a good idea” but later I learned that certain people who are more at risk should definitely make sure to get a seasonal flu shot. Because of various health issues, I now know it’s vital for me to get my annual seasonal flu shot. That’s why I jumped at the chance when #CollectiveBias offered me the opportunity to talk about immunizations and how, through the Walgreens Get a Shot. Give a Shot program, I could help children in underdeveloped countries get the vaccinations they need. (Follow the hashtag #GetAShot to see other blogger’s stories about this program).  Continue Reading →

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#ad 9 signs of dehydration and how to prevent it with #healthyhydration and Ozarka water

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Copy of 10

I had a dehydration incident a couple of weeks ago that I almost don’t want to talk about on my blog because I don’t want to worry people. But I think it’s important to share what we learn in life so I’ve chosen to share a scary incident regarding dehydration, how water could have prevented it, and how healthy hydration through various sizes of bottled water such as Ozarka and other regional Nestle water brands can help #HealthyHydration no matter where you’re located. This is a sponsored #ad opportunity through #CollectiveBias but not only is everything here my own story, it’s something I’m pretty passionate about.  Continue Reading →

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Five Minute Friday: Ready

Ready Clouds


It’s time for another five-minute Friday post! I’ve been so busy lately with out of town guests, volunteering, work and just … life that I’ve not written much more than these FMF posts. My goal is to get back to doing more organic posts soon!

As a quick reminder, Five-Minute Fridays are designed to give writers a chance to free-flow write for a set five minutes on a given prompt every week. Writers all over are writing on the same prompt every week. It’s a great writing exercise and reminds me of the 10 minute essays we did in high school. You may notice this is published on a Saturday. Yeah, I need to actually do my FMF posts on Friday, I suppose.

5 Minute Friday for Sept 12: Ready

When I hear the word “ready,” I immediately think of the Rich Mulins song Ready for the Storm. Continue Reading →

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