#GivingTuesday 2014 Blog Link Up … what’s your favorite nonprofit organization(s)?


I first heard about Giving Tuesday a couple of years ago and just loved the idea. It’s now a global effort to celebrate generosity and “giving back.”

Giving Tuesday is always the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The idea is we spend one day giving thanks, two days getting deals (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) and sandwiched in between those last two days is a day we shop at small local businesses (Small Business Saturday). This year’s Giving Tuesday is December 2.

It only makes sense that we dedicate at least one day to giving back, right? Make sure you check out the official site for #GivingTuesday for other ways to share your story and to participate!

I know there’s thousands of nonprofit organizations out there and each one has great things going. That’s why I wanted to give fellow bloggers the opportunity to share what organizations are closest their hearts and to do so in their own words (that’s why I’m requiring actual blogs to be linked not just websites to organizations). So what does your family get involved in? How do you teach your kids to give back? Or maybe there’s an organization that you’re involved with all on your own.

The linky will be open from now until 12 a.m. December 3. If your state has a hashtag, make sure you share that in your post! For example, in Arkansas it’s #GivingTuesdayAR

So let’s link up! The links will list in alphabetical order so please follow the guideline about listing your state first!

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Flavor fusion: Enchilada stuffed pizza bread

Enchilada Pizza Hero


I’ve shared many times about our love for enchiladas, especially my personal beef, cheese and black olive enchilada recipe. We also enjoy stuffed pizza from Papa Murphy’s Pizza, which I think is also known as Chicago style pizza in some parts (it’s the pizza with crust on top and on bottom).

A couple of weeks ago, I made my enchiladas and also made an enchilada casserole, which is kind of like enchilada lasagna but with tortillas instead of noodles. My husband mentioned how great it would be to try my enchilada stuffing in a stuffed pizza and the challenge was made!

I already have the enchilada stuffing part down pat therefore the challenge was figuring out the pizza crust. We’d never made pizza crust at our home before so I asked about suggestions on Facebook. We went with a suggested recipe on Allrecipes.com and set to work. I have to say this about the crust. We had planned to make a stuffed pizza but it turns out the crust is more of a deep dish style and we didn’t know it. That means we ended up with “stuffed pizza bread” instead. We loved it, which is why I’m sharing it on my blog.  Continue Reading →

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Captivating Heart: He already sees me whole




“I feel broken. I feel more disabled, more incapable, more unreliable than I can ever remember feeling.”

These words are how I opened my journal during the recent Captivating Heart Women’s Retreat. I’ve been a part of this ministry for three years and each year I gain a new message, a new sense of healing. The first two years were more in line with understanding my identity in Christ and it’s where the “Enough” series was born (I promise I will be finishing that series). It was about how God sees me as his creation, as a woman.

This year I went with a different kind of wound. Instead of something that related to my identity and hundreds of messages I’d inadvertently agreed to, this was a more recent wound that while fresh, was deep.  Continue Reading →

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A new sound for Amy Grant (review of In Motion: The Remixes)

I received a free copy of this album from Family Christian in exchange for writing a review. All photos and opinions are my own.



I don’t remember a time in my life when Amy Grant music wasn’t a part of it, at least in the background. Her career spans more than 30 years and she’s an amazing songwriter and singer. I love her throaty but smooth vocals and appreciate that she’s created many styles of music.

I remember when she “broke through” to secular music and it seemed to cause a bit of an uproar in the Contemporary Christian Music world at the time. Personally, I thought it was a great move because it exposed people to her other music, including her faith-based lyrics. I also liked that she had love songs that were clean but still fun to listen to.

Amy Grant has “broken through” again with her latest album, In Motion: The Remixes. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the word “remixes” in the title because all I could think of was upbeat dance remixes. It turns out, I was right. Continue Reading →

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Tips from what I learned about caring for thinning hair

New CB Disclosure 600px wide


Tips from what I learned about caring for thinning hair ‪#‎shop‬ ‪#‎MoreIsBeautiful‬ ‪#‎cbias‬


Many of you have been reading the Jamie’s Thots blog for a while know that for several years, I struggled with thinning hair for various reasons. It’s taken a long time, but I do have thicker, healthier hair now. During that time, I struggled to maintain any kind of volume and tried many tricks to hide the fact that my hair was thinning. Some were not so bad, just expensive. Others tricks probably did more damage to my hair than helping it! I know many women deal with thinning hair and I want to offer tips I learned about caring for thinning hair. I still try to follow these because I have some remaining areas of thinning hair and I know that genetics will probably mean I will have thinning hair as I age.  Continue Reading →

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Let’s catch up…what I’ve been up to

A photo posted by Jamie Smith (@jamiesthots) on

Things have been a little quiet around Jamie’s Thots, haven’t they? Trust me, I’ve had plenty of “Thots” but just been so busy I’ve not shared much here. I’ve had plenty of sponsored posts and a few other small posts but not done nearly as many updates as I’ve wanted.

So on this Sunday afternoon (did you set your clocks back?), let’s pull up a chair and chat. I’ve got my Diet Dr. Pepper and I hope you have your favorite drink.

So what have I been up to? If you follow me on social media, you probably know most of this but it’s good to summarize all of it. Continue Reading →

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Preparing for a 5K and how I plan to do better next time (including using drink mixes to stay hydrated and healthy)

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When my friend Christina asked me to do a 5K with her some time, I wasn’t sure if she was serious. She’s an avid, fit runner and I’m well, let’s just say not athletic. At all. Yet somehow I was intrigued. As you’ve read throughout my blog in recent years, I’ve tried to become healthier in mind, body and soul. This includes drinking more water (helped by low calorie drinks like Crystal Lite drink mixes), trying to find ways my body will let me exercise, and generally working on my overall mental and spiritual health. Continue Reading →

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Memories from in the kitchen



My friend Laurie over at See Laurie Write started a new weekly writing prompt and this is my second time to join her! I try to join in the various writing prompts like what Laurie does or Five Minute Friday when I want to write for my blog and the prompt inspires me.

This week’s prompt is “In the Kitchen” and I instantly knew what I wanted to talk about.  Continue Reading →

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For the love of pumpkins

Pumpkin hero


Isn’t that pumpkin cute? I don’t like scary or gross designs in pumpkins. I like the cute, friendly jack o’lanterns. The one about was at my doctor’s office and as you can see, it lights up inside.

A friend of mine Laurie from See Laurie Write has started a new weekly link-up with a writing prompt and this week it was pumpkins. I love me some pumpkin!

I love pumpkins as decoration, like above. I usually don’t decorate with real pumpkins because they rot. I have some cute plastic pumpkins that I need to get out on my front porch pronto! The butterflies and ladybugs from summer are starting to look a little weird.

I also like weird “pumpkins”  that are real.

OK, OK. This isn't a pumpkin. It's a Turkish Turban Squash. But it looks cool doesn't it?

OK, OK. This isn’t a pumpkin. It’s a Turkish Turban Squash. But it looks cool doesn’t it?


Pumpkin as food

I used to say that I love pumpkin flavored food items but I’m finding that’s not exactly right. I love sweet pumpkin stuff and it has to have the spices in it. I’ve had pumpkin soup and pumpkin puree on a harvest sandwich and thought both were disgusting. As in like slimy goopy disgusting. For John’s birthday, he wanted Pumpkin Better Than Sex Cake and I thought it would be awesome! Not only did it make me sick because of all the sugar and dairy in it, I thought it was only so-so tasting. Just not “right.”

So isn’t it kinda funny that it’s now a tradition with my husband and I that for my birthday I always want a pumpkin item? He’s made me pumpkin cake, bought me a pumpkin roll and we’ve had pumpkin creme brulee (that was actually nothing special).

Do you love pumpkins? Do you carve them or use them whole as decoration? What’s your favorite pumpkin dish?

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Creating a community without need: A Harvest Party

I won a free ticket to the Cobblestone Project’s first Harvest Party and decided to blog on it on my own. All opinions and pictures are my own.

DSCN1443     A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to see Cobblestone Project at the Arkansas Women Bloggers University conference. I’ve loved this organization since they began in 2008 with just a few Northwest Arkansas families wanting to make a difference in the community. It’s faith-based, as it’s people putting their faith in action. But one of the things I love about Cobblestone is that it doesn’t “Bible thump” people. The various initiatives are designed simply to reduce need in our community and restore dignity and hope. At the #AWBU conference, Cobblestone offered a free ticket to a local blogger who won the drawing and that was me! I was thrilled and honored to attend the event.  Continue Reading →

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